Lugares Habitados

         ”The photographs presented by Vicente Pla are close approximations to the intrinsic elements of photography and the real possibility of a world story. They offer an otherness of places shown in clear synergy with easily invisible surrounding details, bringing them decidedly closer to those who observe them carefully. The key features of these scenes are as much the presence of an instant raised at inflexion point between two key moments, as depending on the case, the appearance of stenographic construction or of harmonized performance with some of the characters, all of which is totally hazardous and where their interest finally lies. Therefore, his photographs combine an apparent simplicity with an important complexity as is the editing of the images and the internal relations between them. It is this relationship which allows the construction of these individual experiences which when shown together, prove a link between the elements between each other and of these with all else.”

         ”…The images taken in Tokyo relate to other cities and countries such as Senegal or Ethiopia due to the details of people and places shown, in other words, for making necessary and evidently showing the mutual bond. The places are the people which live in them in an unknown proportional formula added to the physiognomy of the inhabitants, the geopolitics of the country and its’ history…”

Text abstract: Vicente Pla. Los lugares y la gente. Álvaro de los Ángeles (complete text)